Nova Tango School | Argentine Tango in Northern Virginia
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  • Nova Tango School has a new schedule. Mondays at Milonga Zandunga 8-9pm Free fundamental class 9-10pm Guided practica (i

  • NVT has been offering classes on an ongoing basis, but now we are offering them in series! A beginner-level series will

  • It was nice seeing many of you at the classes and practica yesterday! We examined the La base in detail and the fine con

  • Rick's Tango Club is now NoVa Tango School, with the purpose of spreading Argentine tango in the Northern Virginia.

New Tango Tips

  • Elegance comes from simplicity and efficiency. Extra movements are often done to compensate/cover the lack of skills.

  • As mentioned in a previous tip, there are repeating elements (R) (the same rhythm and melody, or just the same rhythm) a

  • In tango music, musical ideas of various lengths often repeat themselves. Usually, the repetition happens for two or thr

  • There is a milonguero saying that the skirt of a good milonguera has a line across her hips.