Rui Saito in Washington, DC 2015

Rui Saito, professional dancer and teacher and one of the most sought-after milongueras in Buenos Aires, is coming to Washington, DC!


Organizer’s Forward

I’m thrilled to announce that Rui Saito is coming to Washington, DC for a week of workshops and private lessons, from Saturday March 7 through Friday March 13.


I met Rui a few years ago. There are a few people from whom I learned and who influenced my dancing in a fundamental way, and Rui was and is still one of them.


Rui comes from the same root as Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Ines Bogado whom I hosted last November, from the Sunderland practica taught by Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte, and evolved into her own unique technique and style.


More than a tango teacher and performer with competition winnings, she is a milonguera. In Buenos Aires milongas, she is quite popular. What I like about her classes and lessons is that she teaches how to have pleasure/satisfaction/happiness with dancing at milongas. Her classes and lessons focus is fundamentals (technique and musicality), and her students will appreciate why fundamentals are important for enjoying dancing at milongas.


If this is the first time you are hearing about her, below is her performance at the Club Sunderland, one of Buenos Aires’ most prestigious milongas.


Here is another performance of Rui, with Andres Molina who is one of the organizers and DJs of El Yeite Tango Club in Buenos Aires, which is the most popular milonga among the young crowd.


Just like I experienced transformation in my dancing with Rui, I am sure that everyone who takes classes and lessons from her will have the same experience.


Note from Rui

– Dance with *confidence*.
– Update/brush up your skill to make you and your partner *feel better*.


In tango there are many different styles, musicalities, and personal expressions to choose from. Many local (porteño) dancers tend to have their own ways of dancing, and professional dancers are open to more styles so that they can dance with different dancers and orchestras. It is exciting to discover all the details of each dancer’s way. It’s like tasting different delicious chocolates!


However, in social dancing, there are three important, fundamental elements that all dancing styles share, which are the keys to dancing freely in a way you want, no matter what style you choose. The following are the three elements.


– Body awareness to dance with *no pain and no stress*
– Clear marking/following technique
– Musicality


We will explore, clean up, and deepen these three elements in 5 classes, each of which goes for 1 hour and 30 minutes.



I would like to share my CORE of tango in this workshop in 2 days. For social dancing, all marking and following technique will be explained in a natural and anatomical way. We will deeply go through every detail of fundamental movements of tango in a gradual manner using fun exercises and practices. The topics covered will be:

– Axis
– Walking
– Connection
– Embrace
– Dissociation
– Pivot
– Ocho
– Giro



Let’s open a new door for the expression of your dance. I will share with you how to “translate” the structure, melody, and rhythm of the music to the movements. Using all the elements we will be able to interpret different kinds of quality, density, and dynamics of different orchestras and songs.

– How to play with different dynamics and speed of the music
– How to play with ¼ beat and syncopation


Women’s Technique

A most wanted follower is the one who is capable of sensitively hearing the whisper of the marcas, and who has a personal interpretation and expression in her dance. We will be cleaning the technique, finding places to add your color in the movements in a conversation of the dance between the couple.

Technique classes are strongly recommended before taking Musicality or Women’s Technique classes.



Rui Saito began dancing tango in 2001. Since then, she has been living in Buenos Aires for more than half of her time, learning and teaching/performing. She has had many teachers, but Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte at the Sunderland practica were the ones who formed her social dancing. She won the 3rd place at Campeonato Mundial del Tango en Asia in 2008, the 7th place at Mundial de Tango (World Tango Championship) salon category in 2009, and the 2nd place at Campeonato Intercontinental de Tango (C.I.T.) in 2010. She was a member of the tango musical “Arrabal” in Buenos Aires in 2011, and has been having teaching on tours in many countries including the USA, Korea, and Japan.



Workshops: Rick’s house at Tysons Corner (address will be revealed to workshop participants)
Private lessons: Rick’s house at Tysons Corner and Rui’s house in Fairfax city



Saturday 3/7
2:00-3:30pm: Technique 1
3:45-5:15pm: Musicality 1

Sunday 3/8
1:00-2:30pm: Technique 2
2:45-4:15pm: Musicality 2
4:30-6:00pm: Women’s Technique



Two Day Pass (with Women’s Technique): $110 (5 workshops of 1.5 hours each)
Two Day Pass (without Women’s Technique): $90 (4 workshops of 1.5 hours each)
Saturday Pass: $50 (2 workshops of 1.5 hours each)
Sunday Pass (with Women’s Technique): $70 (2 workshops of 1.5 hours each)
Sunday Pass (without Women’s Technique): $50 (3 workshops of 1.5 hours each)
One Workshop: $30


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available from Saturday March 7 to Friday March 13. Send me a message to with your preferred dates and times. I’ll let you know the prices and help to arrange for you.



Registration for each workshop is limited to 5 leaders and 5 followers (for Women’s Technique workshop, it’s 10 people without gender balance consideration) since they will be done at Rick’s house. If there is more demand, expansion of the workshops at a different location can be considered, so if you missed the registration and want to take the workshops, please let me know at .

Two Day Pass registration will be open first, and then One Day Pass registration, and then registration for individual workshops.

Registration is open!



Two Day Pass with Women’s Technique

2 workshops on Saturday
3 workshops on Sunday



Two Day Pass without Women’s Technique

2 workshops on Saturday
2 workshops on Sunday



Saturday Day Pass


2 workshops on Saturday


Sunday Day Pass with Women’s Technique

3 workshops on Sunday

Sunday Day Pass without Women’s Technique

2 workshops on Sunday





Women’s Technique Workshop Only

Women’s Technique Workshop Only

1 Women’s Technique workshop on Sunday


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