60 BPM

The tempo of the majority of tango music is around 60 beats per minute (BPM). One interesting aspect of this specific tempo is that it induces an alpha brain wave state.

For example, psychologists Lynn Cooper and Milton Erickson found that a metronome set to 60 BPM can induce a deep alpha state in listeners. In another example, in 1970s, a Bulgarian psychiatrist Georgi Lozanov found that playing Baroque music, the tempo of which is between 60 and 64 BPM, caused people to enter an alpha state. The industry of “alpha wave-inducing music” was born out of this context.

In this regard, tango music, at least low to medium-tempo one, is also alpha state-inducing, with its relentless beats around 60 BPM.

Alpha wave states have been described as sublime, flying, floating, light, peaceful, tranquil, relaxed, happy, and positive. The music and the embrace already work for producing good feelings in the couple. Anything which negatively alarms someone, including jerky movement, losing balance, rushing the partner, and rushing oneself, breaks this nice state. The foundation of nice dancing is doing less of what breaks this state, rather than doing something more.