Social Dance Mindset

Imagine yourself dancing tango. Your best dance. Your dance that sends the chill of excitement through your vein. Imagine you are dancing to one of your favorite songs. Imagine your dance from the beginning of the song to the end of it. Follow your dance in the imagination as the song plays in your mind.

Now, answer the following questions.

– Where were you dancing?
– Were other people around you?
– How much space were you using?

When one dances at a milonga and happens to be inspired, he/she will naturally want to realize his/her ideal dance. If this ideal dance of his/hers uses big floor space, he/she will try to use it. If he/she is successful, other people’s navigation will be disrupted. If he/she is not successful, he/she will be frustrated. Either way is a problem.

If you want to dance well at milongas, especially the ones that are popular and successful and thus naturally crowded, imagine your ideal dance with the setting of a milonga floor with many people around you.