An Exercise on Connection

When connection is well established, giving and following a marca can become effortless. I’ll try to demonstrate this point using the below exercise.

(Partner version)

(1) Stand in front of each other. Raise your palm vertically and extend forward toward the palm of your partner, who does the same. Let the two palms be close but without contact. The man begins to move his palm freely. The woman tries to follow the man’s palm.

(2) Make the two palms touch this time. Apply gentle pressure between them but keep them in the same location. The man moves the palm as before. The woman focuses on keeping the between-palm pressure the same.

If done correctly, the woman’s palm will effortlessly follow the man’s in (2).

(Solo version) Use your two palms. Use one hand as the man’s and the other as the woman’s.

This exercise can be done with pull instead of push, also.