Don’t Burden Your Partner

One’s burdening a partner can make the partner to avoid dancing with that person.

When one loses balance, he/she will begin to fall at various moments of dancing, including standing still, arriving after a step, and pivoting. If he/she relies on his/her partner not to fall, the partner will be burdened. If you find yourself giving burden to your partner this way, get your balance back. Examples of how to get back balance include: adjust the position of your feet, adjust the distance of your step, adjust your distance in embrace to your partner.

When one pushes/pulls his/her partner to do a pivot, the partner will be burdened. Pivot while giving your partner the least amount of push and pull.

When one walks around his/her partner, if he/she relies on the partner’s pushing or pulling to get the energy for the turn, the partner will be burned. Walk around your partner with your own legs’ energy.