Recovering Embrace

Imagine that you and your partner stand closely in front of each other and embrace. Then, imagine that you and your partner make a few small side steps away from each other (for example, small side steps to each’s left). If nothing else is done, the embrace will eventually break.

At this point, twist at your waist so that your chest faces your partner’s, as your partner also twists his/her waist so that his/her chest faces yours. You and your partner will be able to recover the comfortable embrace (with a bit of loosening the embrace since you two went away from each other) by doing the twist at the waist to recover chest-to-chest facing.

Many situations in tango dancing (walking outside, ocho, molinete, etc) make the two people in a dancing couple not to be in front of each other, which can disrupt the embrace. Recover the embrace by 1) facing your partner by twisting at the waist and/or 2) loosening the embrace.