Toes and Ankles

Toes and ankles can be used for articulation and expression, as well as for stability and smoothness. Using them is especially important during weight transfer.

In side and back steps, touch the floor with the toes of the landing foot with its toe joints and ankle straight first, and then as you transfer weight, bend them to absorb the impact of the landing and grab the floor with the toes, sole, and heel of the landing foot. This improves stability and smoothness. Even if you land on the heel of the free foot while walking forward, still stability and smoothness can be improved by deliberately grabbing the floor with the heel, sole, and toes of the landing foot, while adjusting the angle of its ankle accondingly to soften the impact of the landing.

Dynamics of the bending and straightening of the toe joints and the ankle of the landing foot creates articulations and expressions.

Stopping one’s own body and changing the course of the body to a different direction can be helped by toes and ankles – counter the momentum of the body by working the toes and ankle of the landing foot against the direction of the momentum (in addition to using the other parts of the leg). This helps freeing the upper body from the unnecessary burdeninng of the partner with stopping and/or changing the course of your body.