Gentle but Firm

Being gentle but firm is a good reference for how to embrace the woman’s back with the man’s right arm.

Being gentle is how his right arm presses her back. Being firm is how his right arm responds to the pressure from her back.

The man’s right arm is gentle on the woman’s back because it gently contacts. As the pressure between his right arm and her back increases, the embrace changes from no contact to barely contacting to gentle and meaningfully contacting to too much pressure. As if embracing something precious and delicate, as if wanting to have meaningful contact with it but without breaking it, as if sending love through touch, gently embrace her back.

The man’s right arm is firm against the pressure from the woman’s back because it does not give in. If, in turning, the woman is going to go away from the man by mistake, the man should firmly maintain the boundary defined by his right arm so that it will be a guide and help for her walking around him. If his right arm gives in and lets her go away from him, the couple disintegrates and it is even dangerous to the woman.