NVT are offering classes in series. A beginner-level series will complete in 5 weeks (Drop-ins are still welcome!😊) and the intermediate-level curriculum will cover a wide range dance vocabulary and deep levels of tango dance. Meet the curriculum below!

5-Week Beginner-Level Series

Week 1: Posture / Embrace / Connection / Walking
Week 2: Ocho
Week 3: La base
Week 4: Ocho cortado
Week 5: Musicality and Social Dancing

 Intermediate-Level Series Topics (in an alphabetical order)


Tuesday Beginner and Intermediate Level Classes and Practica at Crown Dance Studio

Tango is a dance of polarity, of the masculine and the feminine. Dancing tango socially is, basically, spending a moment with your partner under the music and with other dancing couples.

Tango was a dance of common people before the rise of tango performances. Enjoying tango dancing does not require athletic skills of a professional performer. Standing right, embracing right, walking right, understanding of marking and following, and the ears for tango music are all that are needed to enjoy dancing tango. With food as an analogy, it is already a basic but nice meal. On this solid foundation, more skills and technique add colors and flavors and increase depth.

In the beginner level class, you will learn how to make that basic but nice meal of tango dancing as well as tango’s unique codes of conduct which were developed for the best interest of everyone so that you will be ready for milongas (social tango dancing events). In the intermediate level class, you will learn and find the deeper pleasure of dancing tango and prepare yourself for the real world of social tango dancing.

If you are new to tango, start with the beginner level class. After a few months, you can move on to the intermediate level class. But, continuing the beginner level class will strengthen your core tango skills, it is still recommended. Practica (practice with people) is free if you take a class on the same day. Practice what you have learned and socialize at the practica. Drop-ins are welcome. No partner is necessary.

Time: Tuesdays 8-9pm Beginner level class, 9-9:15pm Practica, 9:15-10:15pm Intermediate level class, 10:15-11pm Practica

Location: Crown Dance Studio, 2820 Dorr Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031

Parking: Free on site and street

Shoes: Clean shoes in which you can pivot.

Price: $12/class or $100/10 classes